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Q & A with Maniacs Clothing

  Imanuel is the artist behind some of the prints you may have seen on some of our clothing ( and he’s my 17 year old!) . When the pandemic hit, I was all about seeing how to be creative at home and support our kids future dreams. Imanuel has been drawing creatures and doing art since he was a toddler. We've always shared creative ideas at home, and the kids have always been a part of my design journey. So the collab began. I made the hoodies in Vancouver in a small batch and we had his first branded hoodies made, named Maniacs. Here's a little Q & A to get to know a bit more about Imanuel and...

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Island in the Sun

A photo series on film by Chieh Huang, on her friend's farm on an island off the West Coast. Model: Nadège Hand crafted Millnery Chantal Laurendeau Naturally dyed bucket hat Partial Objects Naturally Dyed Ribbons on hats by Chieh Wardrobe Jessica Redditt 

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Artist Interview: Bayoush from Devi Arts Collective

the Designer behind the brand   I met Bay last holiday season at a bustling Holiday Fair named Circle Craft. Oh how things have changed in one year! As it turns out, we're neighbours on the North Shore here in Vancouver, and it's been so nice to get to know her over the year. Here's our mini interview from a few weeks ago: Jess: When did you start creating jewelry? What’s your first memory of creating/ feeling inspired to be a jewelry designer? Bay: The first memory I have of making jewelry is of me when and my mom when I was a little girl making jewelry together. That is the first time I remember making jewelry, but I remember being...

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