Creating a Sustainable Brand: What is Earth-Friendly?


    Sustainable fashion is having a big moment right now. There are many reasons behind this; mostly relating to the state of our planet and how fast fashion is impacting our planet. The constant change of trends has us consuming more, making us hungry for the "next big thing". Because of this created demand, clothing is being produced faster than we can even wear it. Harmful chemicals and procedures are used to create textiles and clothes, and they are hurting our planet and people. The disposable value of fast fashion is very high: buy it for cheap, and then get rid of it because it's not made to last. We are now facing a huge problem...What do we do with all of this waste? And how do we create clothing that is made to last? 

    The mission of our brand is to bring customers a product that is natural and sustainable. We have sourced the best natural and eco-friendly textiles, and are producing quality garments that will last. Our primary textile choice is reclaimed fabrics. The term "reclaimed" refers to materials which are no longer needed by other textile or clothing companies. They can include: fabrics that are not meeting colour requirements, an overstock of fabric, or textiles that are no longer useful for designs. 

Our collection is sewn locally in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Each garment is piece-dyed with a botanical plant-based color.

Pictured below is a glimpse of our garments before the dye process.

     We are specifically producing with 100% pure textiles such as organic cotton, recycled silk, linen, and hemp. We have chosen these natural fibres because they are biodegradable and do not become extra waste on the planet. These fibres dye very well, compared to synthetic fabrics, (which usually need to be dyed chemically). In our selection, we strive for durability, quality and comfort: with a beautiful drape. These textiles feel great on the skin and are naturally breathable.  By using “castaway” textiles we are eliminating textile production, and will not be contributing to the carbon footprint unlike most fashion brands .                                                                                                         


    As we develop our line we want to share our entire production process and remain completely transparent, as this is something which our brand values. Here we are giving readers a preview of the collection in the beginning stages, before the natural dye bath. Since it’s been getting cold here, we warmed up the shoot with some vintage and faux fur finds!



    Up next.... we will be sharing a post on the natural dye process: how they are created, why they are sustainable and what plants we use.

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Photo Credit: Toan Trieu

Model: Sherry C. 

MUAH: Alexandra Zenchuk 


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  • Aurore

    Great blog post and the first pictures of your line are amazing! Looking forward to see them dyed :)

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