Artist Interview: Bayoush from Devi Arts Collective

the Designer behind the brand


I met Bay last holiday season at a bustling Holiday Fair named Circle Craft. Oh how things have changed in one year! As it turns out, we're neighbours on the North Shore here in Vancouver, and it's been so nice to get to know her over the year. Here's our mini interview from a few weeks ago:

Jess: When did you start creating jewelry? What’s your first memory of creating/ feeling inspired to be a jewelry designer?

Bay: The first memory I have of making jewelry is of me when and my mom when I was a little girl making jewelry together. That is the first time I remember making jewelry, but I remember being hooked to the art and creative outlet right away. Ever since then, I have been creating and experimenting with jewelry making techniques.

Bay: My inspiration has always come from my love of nature, my Ethiopian heritage and the beauty I witnessed around the world. 
Jess: I love that you started with your mom when you were little!
What would you say is your greatest inspiration when designing a new piece?

Bay: I draw inspiration from many parts of my life. For example with my Moon series I draw inspiration from my love of nature and my awe of how beautiful a full moon looks in a night sky or its reflection in the water. 
For my newest series Duality, I draw inspiration from world events this past year. It is inspired by the hope and uncertainty laying restless in the world.

Jess: Your moon pieces are one of my favourites! How has 2020 changed you?

Bay: This year has allowed me to expand personally and professionally in many ways. 
Professionally, I have welcomed change and created a new website that I love (with the help of many talented women),  collaborated with inspiring people and created new series that I adore.
Personally, this year has taught me more about self-care and trusting in myself. 
Jess: The new website is so beautiful, well done! If you were to suggest your favourite design/ best seller to a client, what piece would you recommend as a great gift?

Bay: My favourite pieces are hard to choose because I often change my jewelry out based on my mood. Right now I am loving our zodiac necklaces and duality series. Some of our best sellers include our mini studs, which are also great gifts. Other popular gifts include our heart neckaces, zodiac neckalces and starburst studs. 

Jess: It's really nice that each piece you mentioned has that very personal touch. How would you describe your personal style? What are your favourite wardrobe staples for this time of year?
Bay: I often describe my style as eclectic boho with a modern flare. This time of year, being cozy is super important. I love, love, love, a cozy sweater and a warm toque. I love my new toque from Jessica Redditt x Novel Supply Co. 
***Find Bay's designs on her website and online with some of our hand dyed hoodies in local North Vancouver Shop: Room 6  Deep Cove ***
Bay is wearing our silk noile Dreamer Blouse in this photo, hand- dyed in indigo blue.

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