The journal of a sustainable fashion brand — #earthfriendly

Artist Interview: Bayoush from Devi Arts Collective

the Designer behind the brand   I met Bay last holiday season at a bustling Holiday Fair named Circle Craft. Oh how things have changed in one year! As it turns out, we're neighbours on the North Shore here in Vancouver, and it's been so nice to get to know her over the year. Here's our mini interview from a few weeks ago: Jess: When did you start creating jewelry? What’s your first memory of creating/ feeling inspired to be a jewelry designer? Bay: The first memory I have of making jewelry is of me when and my mom when I was a little girl making jewelry together. That is the first time I remember making jewelry, but I remember being...

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Inspired Women: A Mini Interview Series

    I had the honour of meeting these lovely ladies through my local clothing business.  I hope that you enjoy their distinct perspectives and personalities as much as I do. Here's a little about each of them. Introducing: Caro Deady, currently in East Van IG: Q: What is your life passion/ what are you most passionate about? A: I am passionate about music and playing music with others. Q: What’s your favourite place in Vancouver A: My favourite spot in Vancouver is Clark Park! Q: What type/kind of clothing do you feel suits you/ you are most comfortable in? What is the one thing you do as a conscious clothing consumer?  A: I thrift most of my clothing but have recently been making a...

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