Labour of Love: The New era of an Eco Brand

     My name is Jessica, a designer based out of Vancouver, BC. I am a mother of 2, ages 11 and 14. I am an advocate for earth friendly fashion. I started my journey in clothing design and production fifteen years ago and have always been passionate about the creation of environmentally friendly and sustainable garments. I opened my first boutique at the age of 21 in Ottawa-Canada's capital city. My boutique was focused on showcasing sustainable local designers and vintage pieces, as well as my own designs. 


     I travelled to India to inspire a new method of creating sustainable clothing. I designed a small line made from recycled sarees. This was the beginning of an era in which I traveled with my family to India and Peru for several years, sourcing ethical and Eco friendly textiles that we brought back and sold in our pop up shops across Canada. 


     Our travel and work experience abroad was amazing and is something I will hold forever dear, though I now find myself drawn to making clothes in my own country. I feel that in order to make a positive impact within the fashion industry, I need to be present during the entire production process. This way, the quality of the garments is not compromised. 


      By using my blog as a visual diary, I would like to share our brands journey. In our upcoming entries, we will reveal why we are using natural textiles and botanical dyes. I hope you will enjoy learning about our journey and thank you for being a part of the footstep into a much healthier and fashion forward planet earth.

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  • Danielle

    So excited to see what’s coming!!!

  • Marjorie

    I’m so excited to see you develop your new line of eco products. Congratulations!

  • Aurore

    Great blog post! can’t wait to

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