Interview with Meganne Young ~ Getting to know the actress behind Rachel from the Netflix Series "The Kissing Booth"

I had the pleasure of meeting & interviewing starlet Meganne Young this October, the amazing actress starring as Rachel in The Kissing Booth on Netflix! We had a lovely evening of hair and makeup with artist Iza Allegro, a walk to location and photography & film with Luciana Moreno. Getting to know each other over the few hours was such a treat!

Here's the Q and A I had with lovely Meganne:

J: What has been your biggest struggle during 2020? What’s been the best part about it/ what has helped you cope through it?

M: Keeping my anxiety in check. Anxiety is something I have struggled with for a number of years and all the uncertainty and separation really triggered it. I think really focusing on the positive relationships in my life and investing into them helped me get through those lows.

J: It's been such a tough year. That is a wonderful take-away from all of this.

 Probably a question you get asked all the time but I'm curious! How did you get into acting?

M: I suppose I had the more “traditional route”, if that’s even possible when pursuing a career in the film industry!! I loved drama at school and decided to study at a film college once I graduated. I signed with an agency after that and then started auditioning.

J: What’s been your favourite role so far?

M: It’s a tie between Abigail Ashe from Black Sails and Rachel from The Kissing Booth. I think they are both incredibly grounded young women, both very observant and emotionally aware.

J: Rachel's character is so kind, just like you!

Do you have an all time favourite costume from one of the movies you’ve been in or a costume you adore from another film?

M: Again! A tie! I loved the dresses I wore while playing Abigail. The series was set in the 1700’s so I wore these beautiful dresses with a proper corset and they had those full skirts and I had shoes that were made specifically for me in Germany.. The details were insane. Costuming like that really transports you as the performer. From The Kissing Booth - Rachel is dressed up as a giant toasted marshmallow in the second film. To say it was the most fun is an understatement. I really hope I see some Rachellow dress-up costumes in the future!

J: Loved your marshmallow costume! Also I can't wait to watch Black Sails and the costumes you are describing!

What type of clothing do you find you gravitate towards? What do you consider your personal style?

M: I think I’m quite understated. I love more classic silhouettes, having things cinched in at the waist, one or two pieces of jewelry maybe, lots of neutrals. I love Fall fashion especially - coats and cute boots. I’m definitely moving away from fast fashion and I’ve never been very good at following trends. I just love the idea of having beautiful, classic pieces that you love and wear forever. Maybe rotate in a few specialty pieces here and there every now and then. A print or some color.

J: I love that! Who would you say is your style icon/ favourite actress ( that you look up to) ?

M: I have to mention Joey [King]. I love how she’s like a little shape shifter, always changing her look and style, but still maintaining this timeless, classic nature to all her looks.

M: And what about Sally from Picnics and Poetry?? Can I choose her?? I fully want to dress like her when I grow up! She’s so effortless and cool. I think it’s also her passion for clothing and the designers behind them that makes her really stand out as someone I admire for their style. There’s thought and appreciation behind each piece she wears. It’s not just about the immediate beauty but the story behind it too.

J: I couldn't agree more! Sally from Picnics and Poetry is the coolest! and her new boutique in Vancouver is so special!

Picnics and Poetry is a new local shop carrying local, sustainable and mindful designers & artists! Visit 881 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

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