Celebrating February with Alexis Doss-Verdiccio

Meet Alexis! I’m so happy to introduce you to my amazing friend. She is a mom of two teens and manages the MSUC Thrift Shop on the North Shore. When she’s not slinging clothes and working with volunteers, she’s hiking with her family, preparing delicious healthy food, and socializing ( now at a distance ) with the Vancouver community. She’s one to watch out for...  a sustainable & healthy lifestyle advocate, as well as an organic & vegetarian foodie. You can follow her journey & insta here.


We had a photoshoot in December at Mt Seymour, with Alexis and her daughter, and talented North Shore photographer Cassandra Casley.
Here’s my interview with Alexis this month: 


J: What do you love most about February?                

A: Black History month is what I love most about February. I enjoy taking time to learn not only about my heritage, but the many diverse cultures within the black community.

J: What are your favourite winter pastimes?              

A: My favourite winter past time is hiking/walks. I love being out in nature.


J: It’s been a tough year. What are your highlights and or takeaways from a full year of this pandemic?        

A: I can definitely say that it has been a roller coaster of a year. What I got out of 2020 is that community and connection is very important to us all. 


J: What are your hopes & dreams for the future?        

A: My hopes and dreams for the future is to start a initiative to bring people together for a healthier, more productive and positive life style. 


J: If you could share a few pieces of advice of how to keep a healthy balance of family life & work, what would that be?

A: My advice would be to take care of yourself just as well as you take care of your family and that being a workaholic is just as unhealthy trait as being alcoholic. Work hard, but don’t push yourself into a burnout.

J: Is there anything else you’d like to share here today?                                                                        

A: Stay tuned for more in the future (retreats). 

*Alexis will be hosting some natural health retreats in the near future, hopefully we can say sooner than later! 

Mother Daughter Duo:

Alexis and Jolene are wearing the naturally dyed Silk Tigerlily & Moon and Star top with matching Calico Drawstring Pants (above) and ( below) the naturally dyed Flower Power Hoodie


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