How we care for our clothing is more important than ever these days. Since we have finally (phew!) reached an era of sustainable focus, it is really important that we take care of the purchases that we do make. 



Our brand has focussed on natural fibres: mainly silks, cottons & linens. We use some dead-stock textiles... I'd recommend the same type of garment care for most fabric types to prolong their lifespan.

Here's a simple 7-Step list of how to care for your beloved clothes! It takes a little extra time but your garments will last for a lot longer:

 1. USE COLD WATER: always wash in cold water. It prevents colours from bleeding, helps prevent shrinkage of fibres, and does not breakdown your clothing as fast.

2. HAND-WASH if possible. This one is not a must, but recommended! So many of us don't have time to handwash, so I would highly recommend this third step:

3. DELICATE CYCLE is your friend.. use your washing machine on delicate cycle with cold water if you don't have time for hand washing.

4. WASH SIMILAR COLOURS together... I'm sure your mom has told you this one-thousand times.

5. USE A DELICATE BAG aka a lingerie wash bag to put your delicate garments in.

6. SOAP choose a delicate, eco friendly soap, if possible.

7. HANG TO DRY ... Yes it's slow, but worth it! Your clothes will thank you for years to come! After air-drying, if there's need... iron on the wrong side of fabric (on very low heat)  or hang outside a steamy shower... if you'd like  a more pressed and polished look!

One last step that came to mind : Turning your garment inside out before washing prevents heavy wear and tear, such as pilling!

I hope some of these tips will be useful. I'm creating "Garment Care" cards for future clothing orders, so this is it's virtual copy!

Feel free to pass along to someone that is new to the world of garment care!

 Xx Jessica



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