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Island in the Sun

A photo series on film by Chieh Huang, on her friend's farm on an island off the West Coast. Model: Nadège Hand crafted Millnery Chantal Laurendeau Naturally dyed bucket hat Partial Objects Naturally Dyed Ribbons on hats by Chieh Wardrobe Jessica Redditt 

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Inspired Women: A Mini Interview Series

    I had the honour of meeting these lovely ladies through my local clothing business.  I hope that you enjoy their distinct perspectives and personalities as much as I do. Here's a little about each of them. Introducing: Caro Deady, currently in East Van IG: Q: What is your life passion/ what are you most passionate about? A: I am passionate about music and playing music with others. Q: What’s your favourite place in Vancouver A: My favourite spot in Vancouver is Clark Park! Q: What type/kind of clothing do you feel suits you/ you are most comfortable in? What is the one thing you do as a conscious clothing consumer?  A: I thrift most of my clothing but have recently been making a...

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